How can I Obtain Parental Responsibility?

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How can I Obtain Parental Responsibility?

If you are the child’s natural father you can obtain parental responsibility by making a PR agreement with the mother, marrying the child???s mother or re-registering the child???s birth to include your name on the birth certificate, but this can only be done with the mother???s permission.

If the child???s mother doesn???t agree it is possible to apply for a court order to obtain parental responsibility.
Making a Parental Responsibility Agreement

If the child???s mother is in agreement making a parental responsibility agreement is straightforward.?? It is simply the case of completing a form for each child you wish to claim parental responsibility for and sending it to your local Family Proceedings Court with the necessary documentation such as the child???s birth certificates. If everything is in order the agreement will be recorded and returned to you.

If you are not the natural father but play an active role in a child???s life as a step-dad it is still possible to apply for parental responsibility but if the child???s natural father has parental responsibility you would need to obtain their consent before applying.