Criminal Defence

Kidd Spoor Taylor’s outstanding in-house team of solicitors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our 24 Hour Emergency Help Line 07623947072 provides cover for all clients at any time We will deliver immediate expert legal advice and representation for you. We will guide you through your case and advise of possible developments to help minimize stress for all concerned.

Facing a criminal offence charge, whether for a petty crime or something more serious will call for immediate action. Our 24 hour emergency helpline ensures that you can reach out any time so we may provide you with immediate legal representation.
Our team of criminal law solicitors are very well versed with every aspect and detail of criminal law.


Treated Fairly

From the initial interview to the conclusion of the case we’ll be there to not just advise you of your rights, but also to represent your case backed up with expert legal knowledge and loads of experience. If needed, we work with specialist barristers to make sure your case is treated fairly and quickly.

Highly Trained and Dedicated

Whatever the situation life throws at you, if you need legal representation Kidd Spoor Taylor is here to help. We understand facing criminal allegations is a very stressful experience. Our team are highly trained and dedicated solicitors who will look after your interests, whatever allegation you are facing. We will ensure the prosecution’s case is scrutinized and your defence is clearly presented.

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