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The death of a partner, parent or other loved one is always distressing. If a will is challenged and claims are made by others to share the estate this can put a great deal of pressure on those left behind.

Kidd Spoor Taylor’s areas of wills and estates service include: Wills Life Interest Trust Wills, Estate Planning and Court of Protection. We also provide advice regarding Inheritance act claims, Will disputes, Claims involving property, Disputes with executors, Claims regarding lack of mental capacity, Contested Court of Protection and Burial disputes.


Why is it important to make a Will?

If you want to make sure that your estate goes to the people you want it to on your death it is essential you consider making a Will. A Will allows you to do a number of things including the following:

– You can name those who you trust to handle the administration of your estate include dealing with property, finances and possessions

– If you have children, you can say in your Will who you would like to be appointed to look after them if you died (known as “Guardians”)

– You can control at what age young adults can receive sums due to them from your estate

What if I died without having a Will?

When a person dies without a Will, the Rules of Intestacy determine who is automatically entitled to inherit your property and possessions. The rules also determine who is entitled to deal with the administration of your estate.

The Rules of Intestacy do aim to take care of spouses, civil partners and biological children.

However, provisions are not made for unmarried partners, stepchildren, friends, pets and charities. The intestacy rules in relation to entitlement to inheritance is presently as follows:

The Rules of Intestacy may result in your property and possessions being inherited by those that you would not wish to benefit.

Why it is important to have your Will professionally written

Wills are important legal documents and the slightest error in executing the Will properly or an incorrectly worded Will can cause significant difficulties in dealing with your estate. It is therefore always important to seek professional advice when making a Will.

Do I have to update my Will regularly?

You may have already written a Will; perhaps when you bought your first house or when your children were young. However, if you have had a change of circumstances i.e. marriage, had children, bought a property or acquired more assets it is important to check your Will still reflects your wishes and/or it is still valid.

Life events such as marriage or divorce mean that parts of your existing Will (or even all of it) will automatically become invalid making it necessary to rewrite it.

Steps Forward with Kidd Spoor Taylor

At your first appointment with us, we will discuss with you the structure of your Will and provide you with the necessary advice and information which you may not have considered and may require your thought and consideration. We don’t seek to make your Will too complicated for you to read and understand and we will guide you through every step of the process. 


Single Wills – Our fee for preparing a basic Will is £120.00 plus VAT making a total of £144.00.

Mirror Wills – Our fee for preparing a basic mirror Will for you and your partner, is £200.00 plus VAT making a total of £240.00

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